Over the weekend I participated in the HIT and RUN 5K with my Fiancé, co-workers and friends in Waldorf Maryland. It was an obstacle course with 5 obstacles over 3.1 miles. We all had a blast and the race helps Food and Friends in Washington DC. Some video from the event:

I hope to have more pictures and video from this event soon. I will update this post when I have more.

Interestingly enough, I received an email requesting this video very early this morning. At first I didn’t think I had any archive of the video because I had removed it from YouTube a while ago and couldn’t find it in any of my backups…

But after some digging, I managed to find a copy. This is not the highest quality or the same video edited version I had posted then. But this is the only version of the video I could find that I had created, so it will have to do…

So over the weekend I decided to move my site to the WordPress platform. I did this to enable more features and learn something new. In the past I have always used my own CMS and while it was one of the easiest to develop for, it lacked the community of bigger products such as WordPress or Blogger for extensibility.

Also a really nice feature that I have enabled by moving to WordPress is to be able to write my posts directly within Microsoft word and directly publish to my blog online.

So today I completed my first workout program with Nike+ Kinect on Xbox 360. Feels good finally completing it after starting it a few months ago. Today was my post-test for my Nike Fuel Print after completion of the program, and you can see from the image above that I improved my scores. My previous score was 39 for fitness and 36 for athleticism. The program was a 4 weeks in length, however it took me 11+ weeks to complete due to my non-dedication. I plan to start my new program tomorrow and it will be another 4 week program for strength building as the target goal. I plan to stay on track this time and finish my program on time. I’ll post my results after my next post-test so I can keep track of my progress. :) This is more for me to keep myself accountable, but also serve as inspiration to others whom possibly always wanted to start a regular exercise program, but may have lacked the motivation. I know it can be difficult to get started, but it feels great after you get into a routine. If you’re using Nike+ and want to add me as a friend, feel free to hit me up with a friend request!

Updated the photos page! Previously it was using some embed code provided by Sky Drive and it was very glitchy at times, so now it is using direct links with custom/cropped images with some JavaScript to fancy up the presentation! You can view these changes here: Photos Page